Custom Ironwork

Metal work is a truly valuable and beautiful way to add character to any home. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to work on many fun and challenging projects. Here is a small collection of custom residential work that I designed and built.

Forged Mirror Frame
Fully-forged mirror frame with copper rivets
Oven Grill
Steel grill with riveted joinery and reticulated copper patina
Forged Railing
Decorative vine railing for a residence in Squaw Valley, California
Fire Screen
Pine tree fire screen detail
Clad Bear Door
Steel clad bear door for a Sierra home
Forged and fabricated wood rack with scrolls and pierced joints


I love to make knives because they require so many different skills. Each knife is unique and made entirely from scratch. I occasionally make blades from recycled steel, such as old files or leaf springs. My material of choice for forged blades is 52100 ball bearing steel and W-1 Water hardening tool steel. These steels allow for greater versatility in a blade. When differentially heat-treated, the steel can have both a hard cutting edge and a tough springy back. For the knife handle I prefer the beauty and abundance of local wood, such as walnut or Manzanita.

Forged Knife in W-1 Tool Steel
Fully-forged sausage knife in W-1 tool steel
Hunting knife with 52100 blade, copper guard and figured California walnut handle
Pair of knives with damascus and 52100 blades, copper fittings and walnut handles
Detail of damascus steel

Jewelry & Accessories

There are hardly any rules when it comes to metalwork. Whether you want to cut it, hammer it, melt it, etch, or just clean the rust off, you can get a range of incredible results. This collection of jewelry showcases the real versatility of this material.

Reticulated silver and copper “Burning Man” belt buckle
Trophy buckle in copper, reticulated silver and bronze
Forged leaf brooch in steel with silver fittings
Damascus steel earrings, selectively etched
Forged copper dish with bronze spoon
Set of forged damascus wedding bands
Carved damascus steel wedding band with a sterling silver liner
Seamless damascus wedding band
Hammered bronze wedding set with sterling silver liners
Damascus steel brooch with large bronze prong setting and silver pin back

If you would like to commission a piece for yourself, a loved one, or your home, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss bringing your idea into reality.